I am Gennaro Lendi, and like you I’m a reader. I especially enjoy reading about my greatest passion, which for my good fortune, is also my job: reining.
I believe reining is a true art form. And, as we know, art requires the input of many different actors if it is to achieve expression: there is the person who creates the work, those who observe and admire it and, undoubtedly, those who may criticize it. And then, of course, it involves buyers and sellers, people who organize exhibitions that are then reviewed, and the people who read these reviews. And let’s not forget the people who produce the materials and colours with which the artist works, and above all those who inspire him: for those of us who do reining, our beautiful horses.
I wanted to read about all these people, to discover their technical approach, but also their personal and sometimes intimate views. I wanted to listen to trainers, breeders, veterinarians, blacksmiths, non-pros, companies, artisans, sport managers and all those who populate our world, to learn from them, and I wanted to discover all this in good company, with you. I wanted to find answers to the many questions that fill my mind and, I’m sure, yours too, by contacting the people who could best respond and were maybe willing to share their secrets.
This is how Horsense was born. For all those who have ‘horse sense’. It will be our portable magazine: accompanying us wherever we are, so we can consult it whenever we wish on our tablet or smartphone. It will put us in touch with people who have something interesting to say about our sport, at any time that suits us.