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Shawn Flarida
The magic rectangle
NRHA All-Time Leading Money Earner explains how an almost manic attention to details ensures results. Especially if you want that perfect sliding stop

Ann Fonck-Poels
A woman in reining
A light hand, impeccable technique, undeniable elegance and glitzy shirts. Reining as seen by a top trainer who refuses to be a VIP

Eugenio Latorre
You want a great score? It’s a matter of detail
Famous international judge and member of the NRHA Judges Committee answers three crucial questions and comments exclusively for Horsense on the videos of two reining performances that have gone down in history…

John Newcomb
Expertise and passion
The American veterinarian who has accompanied the US team to each World Equestrian Games, shares his precious time to give our readers valuable tips on how to lengthen the competitive career of our reining horses

Enrico Sciulli
Taking on the world
From the mountains of one of the smallest Italian regions to the NRHA Awards Banquet in Oklahoma City: how a young boy coming from a ‘normal’ family conquered the reining Non Pro World Championship

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