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Bernard Fonck
Bernard finds gold!
Fresh from a galactic performance in Tryon that secured him the first historical European Gold Medal in the World Equestrian Games, the famous Belgian rider explains his “how to do it”…

Cade McCutcheon
The reining gene
Good stock shows. And there is no doubt that the youngster in the American Dream Team that once again conquered the gold at the WEG in Tryon thanks also to the stunning performance of its young star, comes from a family that boasts an impressive number of champions…

GBernard vs Cade
The giant and the young boy
Reining at the the 2018 WEG in Tryon as seen by two of its leading protagonists

Corinna and Gina
The Schumacher ladies ‘on top of the world’
Two charismatic blondes, mother and daughter, set a new record in 2017 by both winning a world title. With any other family this might have seemed an unlikely coincidence, but…

Tamarack Ranch
Going the extra mile
Against the backdrop of the dramatic Wallowa mountains, the Simars found the ideal location in which to fulfil their vision: a breeding programme based on a stellar group of mares, with an absolute commitment to physical and genetic excellence. Let’s take a trip to Tamarack Ranch

Wolfgang Mayrhofer
Doc, please set me right!
Chiropractic, equine or not, is now quite widespread, but few people really know what a chiropractor does and what the goals of this treatment are. Dr. Wolfgang Mayrhofer explains how chiropractic can not only solve some specific problems but improve the life, health and performance of your horses

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