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Casey Deary
I willed, and I willed passionately!
The success of this strong-willed Texan, as with all great trainers, is undoubtedly due to passion, determination and a highly developed competitive instinct. Add to this Casey’s personal motto, to which he has adhered unswervingly since his early years, ‘When you commit to something, you see it through’…

Pietro Marseglia
Dream, act, win…
He believes that a breeding facility should be managed like a Champions League team. He believes that a breeding service should be comparable to the purchase of a share, that once acquired remains over time to be resold or used at a later date. He also believes that it is possible to create a world-class competition location in the south of Italy. Reining and breeding, as envisaged by one of this year’s most successful breeders

Stephan Rohde
My horses and I, from 0 to 100!
His goal was to break into the reining world that had so attracted him as a young boy. Great determination, talent and a winning theory based on the belief that it is important to personally follow young horses as they progress from their first steps right through to the arena, did the rest. And now he has claimed the top spot at the Belgian Futurity

Maik Bartmann
Nrha Rule Book: what’s new?
The highly-respected German judge, member of the NRHA Judges Committee and expert rider and trainer has officiated at many major NRHA international events. He here explains the why and wherefore of the amendments introduced to the NRHA regulations last March

Bastien Bourgeois
Rising to the challenge
‘Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success’ said at the beginning of the last century American historian and author, Edward Everett Hale; and so thinks Bastien Bourgeois, new president of NRHA France since June of this year